Healthy Eating S6 - Professional chef - Episode 8

"Professional Chef As part of JeemTVas edutainment campaigns that promotes Creativity, Science, and Healthy lifestyles for kids, this year JeemTVas Healthy Eating campaign is taking a new exciting approach in introducing kids to Healthy Eating through producing a cooking game show 8 x 30a that will focus on kids culinary skills and knowledge. In each episode, four contestants between the age range of 11 and 12 will compete for cooking the perfect healthy dish. A professional Chef and nutritionists will monitor the competition, both will judge the dishes and select the winner. This competition is about busting the myth of unhealthy foods kids love, our Healthy Chefs will cook meals or snacks that are loved by kids such as Burgers or Brownies but in the healthiest way. Nutritional facts, taste, ingredients, and final presentation are all elements that will contribute to contestantas scores. "

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